What do I do?

I work with some amazing organisations, helping them to deliver value faster to their customers.

Lean-Agile Transformation

Ways of working from the previous century like stop-start projects are no longer fit for purpose in this one. I help organisations implement Lean- Agile principles and practices at scale for continuous value delivery and competitive advantage.

Leadership and Coaching

I have worked with leaders at all levels as well as teams to deliver better outcomes. We know that engaged employees deliver better results. Training is not enough, coaching helps ensure the Lean-Agile mindset drives all activity and decision making.


As a SAFe SPCT I deliver a variety of Scaled Agile courses (SPC5, SA, POPM, Architect, etc.) as well as generic Agile or bespoke courses. I have very high feedback scores and use a variety of learning techniques to ensure the 'why', 'what' and 'how' are all addressed.

Conference Speaker

I have presented talks at many meetups and conferences. These cover a wide range of topics relating to Transformation, Lean Budgeting and Competitive Advantage. Contact me below.

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